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The basic purpose of a “Fire Risk Assessment” (FRA) is to identify the general fire precautions the responsible person needs to take. The FRA should only be carried out when a premise is occupied and in normal use. If, in the case of new or refurbished premises, there is a need to carry out a ‘pre-occupation’ FRA, a further assessment should be carried out as soon as the premises are in normal use.


This FRA has been conducted with regard to the principles and approach of the latest revision of Publicly Available Specification 79 (PAS 79) 2012, with the overall mission of ensuring that all has been done to reduce both hazard and risk to a level that can be demonstrated to be as low as reasonably practicable.


The assessment, observations and recommendations are only relevant to the conditions within the premises at the time of the survey. This fire risk assessment is non-invasive unless specified otherwise, and the methodology is not intended to address:


  • the protection of property (i.e. the premises and its contents)

  • environment

  • business continuity

  • safety of fire-fighters in the event of a fire on the premises


It otherwise covers the relevant occupied areas, common parts, landlord areas and adjacent property risks.


The significant findings arising from the assessment are contained in the report with a summary of the necessary remedial actions being produced in table form. 

The responsible person should act on these findings to achieve compliance with the Order.

Photographs, plan drawings and other relevant documentation may be provided to assist clarity as appropriate

Our Methodology

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