Fire Risk Assessment in Camberley

Fire Risk Assessments in Camberley

What’s involved? Our Fire Risk Assessment is a 20-point check covering some of the following areas in an easy to understand document which includes a detailed action plan and photographic evidence of the work needed to be carried out.

1) Electrical sources of ignition

2) Smoking

3) Arson

4) Heating Installations

5) Cooking Facilities

6) Lightning Protection

7) Means of escape from fire

8) Fire safety systems and equipment

FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT: We carry out Fire Risk Assessments for the following types of properties:  

  • Any business that employs 5 or more people
  • Homes of Multiple Occupancy (HMO’s)

A few examples of buildings; Schools. Colleges, Universities, Shopping Centres, Warehouses, Churches, Office Blocks, Care Homes, Hospitals.

Fire Risk Assessment: A Crucial Step for Preventing Catastrophic Losses


Fire incidents have the potential to cause devastating consequences, resulting in loss of life, property damage, and severe environmental impacts. Fire risk assessment is a vital process that aims to identify potential fire hazards, evaluate the risks associated with these hazards, and implement effective mitigation strategies to prevent or minimize the impact of fires. In this article, we delve into the importance of fire risk assessment, its key components, and the benefits it brings to individuals, businesses, and communities.

Understanding Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment is a systematic and comprehensive evaluation of the factors that contribute to fire hazards, as well as the likelihood and potential impact of a fire incident. The process involves a detailed examination of the environment, including the building layout, occupancy, operations, and existing fire safety measures. This assessment is conducted to identify potential fire hazards, assess their potential consequences, and prioritize risk mitigation strategies.

Key Components of Fire Risk Assessment

  1. Identifying Fire Hazards: The first step in fire risk assessment is to identify potential fire hazards. These hazards may include flammable materials, faulty electrical systems, heating equipment, smoking areas, cooking facilities, or the improper storage of combustible materials. Identifying these hazards is crucial for understanding the potential sources of fire outbreaks.
  1. Evaluating Fire Consequences: After identifying the hazards, the next step is to assess the potential consequences of a fire incident. This evaluation considers factors such as the risk of injury or loss of life, property damage, environmental impact, business interruption, and associated financial losses. Understanding the potential consequences helps in prioritizing risk management efforts.
  1. Analyzing Likelihood of Fire Occurrence: Fire risk assessment also involves analyzing the likelihood of a fire occurring. This analysis considers factors such as historical fire incident data, fire safety measures in place, and the effectiveness of fire prevention and detection systems. By assessing the likelihood of fire occurrence, organizations can implement targeted preventive measures.
  1. Developing Mitigation Strategies: Once the hazards, consequences, and likelihood have been assessed, the focus shifts to developing effective mitigation strategies. These strategies may include enhancing fire safety measures, improving emergency response plans, installing fire suppression systems, and providing fire safety training to occupants.

Benefits of Fire Risk Assessment

  1. Prevention and Safety: The primary benefit of fire risk assessment is the prevention of fires. By identifying potential hazards and implementing suitable mitigation measures, the risk of fire occurrence is significantly reduced. This enhances the safety of occupants and minimizes the loss of life and property damage.
  1. Legal Compliance: Fire risk assessment is often a legal requirement in many jurisdictions. Compliance with fire safety regulations ensures that buildings and businesses meet the necessary standards, avoiding legal penalties and liabilities.
  1. Financial Protection: Conducting fire risk assessments and implementing mitigation measures safeguard businesses and property owners from substantial financial losses that may result from fire incidents. Insurance companies often offer favorable premiums to properties with comprehensive fire risk assessments and preventive measures in place.
  1. Business Continuity: Fire risk assessment also contributes to the continuity of business operations. By reducing the risk of fire and its potential impact, organizations can avoid prolonged business interruptions and ensure smooth operations.


Fire risk assessment is an indispensable process that enables individuals, businesses, and communities to proactively address fire hazards and enhance safety measures. By identifying potential fire risks, evaluating their consequences, and implementing effective mitigation strategies, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of fire incidents and minimize their impact on lives and property. Embracing fire risk assessment as a proactive approach to fire safety is not only a legal obligation but also a moral responsibility that contributes to a safer and more secure society.

Our other Services

Training Packages

What’s included? 1) Fire Awareness Course Cover 2) General Fire Precautions to be observed in all workplaces 3) Causes of fire and ignition sources 4) Use of fire-fighting equipment 5) Emergency evacuation procedures 6) Location of assembly points 6) Special arrangements for staff with disabilities and visitors 7) The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.

Fire Risk Courses

Fire Training Courses: We have two main training courses available 1) Fire Awareness Training and 2) Fire Marshall Training  We also offer bespoke training to customise your needs – Price on Application.

Fire Marshall Training

What’s included? 1) This covers what is included in the Fire Awareness Course but also your role and responsibilities as a Fire Marshall and 2) Information on the Regulations 3) What you can do to limit and prevent fires 4) How to deal with an evacuation in a calm and effective manner.

Fire Extinguisher Service

Our service agreement visit, includes all small spares, parts for one fixed price, so you know what you will pay each time, only if an extinguisher needs replacing, or a large part needs replacing will there be additional costs, our bafe engineers come to your premises at a convenient time that suits you, at competitive prices

BS 5306: fire extinguishing installations

·    BS 5306-0:2011 – Guide for the selection of installed systems and other fire equipment

·    BS 5306-1:2006 – Hose reels and foam inlets

·    BS 5306-2:1990 – Specification for sprinkler systems

·    BS 5306-3 : 2017 – Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises. Commissioning and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers. Code of practice

·    BS 5306-4:2001+A1: 2012 – Specification for carbon dioxide systems

·    BS 5306-8:2012 – Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises

·    BS 5306-9:2015 – Recharging of portable fire extinguishers – Code of practice.

Fire Alarm Service

Fire Alarm Service 

Our fire alarm engineers service your system to BS5839, for a fixed price, this will include checking the fire alarm panel, detectors and the break glass call points these are the most common items, there can be other things added to the fire alarm, for instance smoke beams etc, our engineers will come to you at a convenient time that suits you, at competitive prices

BS 5839: fire detection & alarm systems 

·    BS 5839: fire detection & alarm systems for buildings
BS 5839-6:2019 Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic premises

·    PD 6531:2018 Queries and interpretations on BS 5839-1

·    BS 5839-1:2017 -Fire detection and fire alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises

·    BS 5839-1:2013 – Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises

·    BS 5839-3:1988 – Specification for automatic release mechanisms for certain fire protection equipment

·    BS 5839-6:2013 – Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire alarm systems in domestic premises

·    BS 5839-8:2013 – Code of practice for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of voice alarm systems

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Fire Training Courses: We have two main training courses available 1) Fire Awareness Training and 2) Fire Marshall Training  We also offer bespoke training to customise your needs – Price on Application.

Free Fire Consultation Service

If you would like any further information, please contact us with your requirements by telephone or using our contacts page. We would be delighted to hear from you and try to reply to all enquiries within two hours. 

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Here’s a sample of some of our reviews from our happy clients

“We hire ML Fire Consultancy to ensure that we were both compliant and safe. Having such knowledgeable and professional assessors giving you so much time and effort makes such a difference. They really took the time and care and the standard of their service was fantastic. Will definitely use again next year for some re-training. Thank you”

“ML Fire Consultancy carry out the FRA’s for us. They are extremely professional reliable, punctual and friendly. Their reports are excellent and sent to us as soon as they can. This make life easy for us with keeping our properties compliant. The whole process is made easy and Mike is always friendly and at hand. if we need anything. I’ve recently been informed that they carry out asbestos checks as well. I hope to use them for our checks in the future”.

Katrina Graham

“We used MLF to upgrade our fire alarm system. The service was fabulous from start to finish. Easy to understand, full explanation, paperwork in order and arrived when they said they were going to! The building was left clean and tidy and we are very happy customers. We were so impressed that we have agreed for them to take over the whole contract. Thanks so much MLF for making the whole process easy and straightforward”.

“Really great team with very knowledgeable assessors. Highly efficient service and a pleasure to have come in and work with us to get everything sorted.  Thank you again and we will see you next year if not before.”

Steve Dancrowe

About the town of Camberley

Camberley, a town located in Surrey, England, is a place rich in history, culture, and modern amenities, making it a unique destination. As we explore Camberley, we uncover its historical roots, cultural landmarks, economic significance, educational institutions, natural beauty, sports and recreational activities, shopping and dining experiences, community and cultural events, transport connections, and future developments.

Historical Background

Camberley’s history dates back several centuries, with its origins as a small, rural village. The town’s development accelerated in the 19th century, particularly with the establishment of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, which has trained British Army officers since 1812. This prestigious military academy has shaped the town’s identity and contributed significantly to its growth and development.

Cultural Landmarks and Architecture

Camberley is home to several cultural landmarks. The most prominent is the Royal Military Academy, renowned for its splendid architecture and historical significance. The town also boasts Victorian and Edwardian buildings, which add to its architectural charm. The Camberley Theatre, a hub for arts and entertainment, offers a variety of performances, including plays, concerts, and community events.

Economic Significance

The economy of Camberley is diverse, with a mix of retail, business, and military sectors. The town centre, with The Mall shopping centre, hosts a range of retail stores and services that cater to both residents and visitors. Business parks around the town also provide employment opportunities in various sectors, including technology and professional services.

Educational Institutions

Camberley is served by several educational institutions, offering excellent education from primary to secondary levels. Notable schools include Collingwood College and Kings International College. Additionally, the proximity of higher education institutions in nearby towns and cities makes Camberley a convenient location for students.

Natural Beauty and Parks

The town is surrounded by picturesque countryside, including parks like Frimley Lodge Park and The Obelisk. These green spaces offer residents and visitors a chance to enjoy nature, with facilities for picnics, sports, and leisure activities.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Camberley is ideal for sports enthusiasts, offering facilities for football, cricket, golf, and more. The town has local sports clubs and leisure centers, such as the Arena Leisure Centre, providing opportunities for both competitive sports and recreational activities.

Shopping and Dining

Camberley’s town center is a bustling hub with a wide range of shopping options, from high street brands to independent boutiques. The culinary scene is equally diverse, offering a variety of dining options including traditional British pubs, international cuisine, and cozy cafes.

Community and Cultural Events

The town has a vibrant community spirit, reflected in its numerous events and festivals. From local markets to cultural festivals, these events bring together residents and visitors, fostering a sense of community and celebration.

Transport Connections

Camberley is well-connected by road and rail, making it an accessible destination. The town’s proximity to major highways and the Camberley railway station provides easy access to London and other major cities, enhancing its appeal for commuters.

Future Developments

Camberley is undergoing significant developments, with plans to enhance the town centre, upgrade transport infrastructure, and create new residential and commercial spaces. These developments aim to preserve the town’s heritage while accommodating its growth and modernization.


Camberley, with its blend of historical charm, cultural richness, economic vitality, and community spirit, offers a unique experience. Whether it’s exploring its historic sites, enjoying its green spaces, participating in cultural events, or benefiting from its excellent transport connections, Camberley is a town that truly has something for everyone. As the town continues to evolve and grow, it remains a vibrant and attractive destination in Surrey.